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Bigfoot dicussion community
Contrary to what you may think, this is a community for Bigfoot enthusiasts. If you actually happen to be physically involved with a Bigfoot then you're welcome to join but I'm pretty sure the other members do not wish to hear of the intracacies of your coupling with your secret lover.

*bleaches brain free of that sudden image*

Bigfoot, or any of the related creatures that share the same base characteristics but go by other names, is a North American beastie that seems to be very adept at hiding from the public view and leaves rather large prints (hence the name) here and there. Many have claimed to have seen one but to date there has been no definitive proof...

...hence why the creatures are still listed under cryptozoology and not zoology.

Does it exist? No one's sure. Many scientists say there's evidence to suggest they may be real and others that say there isn't one point to the lack of verifiable proof.

Personally, I just wanna know what is the plural of 'bigfoot'?

Why did I make this community? I've been fascinated by this creature ever since I was a little boy. That and I may've partially been motivated because I tease my girlfriend that she and her family are all sasquatch.

Any and all posts must pertain to Bigfoot, be they serious or silly.

If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.

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