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A popular theory about the sasquatch, no matter what particular name is used, is that it's a still unknown North American primate. While often passed off as a large black bear sighting, despite the fact bears have short stubby legs, it's the shape of the sasquatch head that often makes that impossible. Bears' heads look very specific, rounded with the ears...

...whereas some apes, like the gorilla here, have a more pointed head type.

This look is what typifies most sasquatch sightings.
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Advocates fοr thе existance οf Bigfoot ѕау іt’s possible thе creature still lurks ουr forests. Evidence fοr Hυgе foot’s existance include:-400 Million year ancient “extinct” fish called thе selacamp wаѕ found recently bу fisherman Mіght іt bе possible thаt thіѕ evidence give creedace tο bigfoot sightings?

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There’s a new video of Knobby, the North Carolina Bigfoot. A Shelby, N.C. man allegedly captured video of the state’s Bigfoot. Thomas Byers e-mailed NewsChannel 36, saying he saw Bigfoot walk across Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County Tuesday evening, March 22, 2011. Byers’ told WNBC that he was about 15 to 20 feet away from the creature when he captured a five-second video.